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Windows Server 2008 R2 vs Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows Server 2008 R2 vs Windows 7 Ultimate

I have a Dual Core Intel CPU E7200, 4 GB RAM, and a NvIDIA 8600 GT for graphics and 500GB HDD. This configuration runs Windows 7 Ultimate very smoothly, but now I recently signed up to the MS WebSiteSpark programme and have downloaded the Windows Server 2008 R2.

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"I have a machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 and another machine running Windows 7 Ultimate as well (also have Windows 7 on a notebook).

In my opinion choosing between Windows 7 OS or Server 2008 R2 would be based soulfully upon the user's needs and experience in working in and around a Windows OS. I have not found anything that I could not do on Server 2008 R2 that I could on Windows 7.

The problem that most will run into is that most Windows features are disabled by default on Server 2008 R2 and to use these they have to be activated with the ""add or remove features"" or Run » services.msc. Most inexperienced users will have trouble simply activating Windows Aero themes because in Server 2008 R2, Desktop experience is disabled by default.

So for someone who just wants to play games and use their PC for media, movies, music, etc – unless you are good with software – I would recommend Windows 7 Home Premium. For those of you who would prefer the advanced controls and the ability to administer your own server, Windows Server 2008 R2 is the way to go also for those who are pondering about the performance difference.

I personally think that Server 2008 R2 is faster and more powerful, just due to the fact that my machine – which has a Quad core processor overclocked to 4.05 GHz and 8 Gigs of RAM – running Windows 7 Ultimate is not showing a noticeable difference in speed compared to my machine with a 2.30 GHz Dual core Processor and 2 Gigs of RAM running Server 2008 R2. Both are 64 bit.

My machine running Windows 7 does multitasking better but that is only due to the 8 Gigs of RAM compared to the 2 Gigs. Before I installed Server 2008 I was running Windows 7 Ultimate and saw more of a difference in speed and performance between the two machines than I do now.

In my personal opinion I do think that Server 2008 R2 is superior to Windows 7."
Guest [Entry]

I would suggest installing Server 2008 as a virtual machine. You can give it 1GB of RAM and not notice much of a performance hit.