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Windows SSH Servers?

Windows SSH Servers?

I was wondering what people use as an SSHd server on Windows? I've decided that I want to be able to log in using SSH on my Windows computers but I don't want to use Linux full-time. What are my options, besides Cygwin (which I know of)? I've looked into some other server software but I don't know which are reliable and it's not easy to find reviews of some of them. Thanks!

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I use OpenSSH. It does use parts form cygwin, but it installes what it needs & it's much smaller than a full cywin install. It's fairly easy to set it up as a service on Windows (XP at least) - no experience running it on Vista or Windows 7.
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I used to use OpenSSH but have switched to using KpyM (http://www.kpym.com) with some code modifications for my own purposes. Its a lot more lightweight than freesshd and can run as a service so good for networks where you just want to have it running all the time without a notification tray icon. plus for deployments you can use the /SILENT flag to install with the defaults.
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"Cygwin OpenSSH.


Install Cygwin:

Select ""OpenSSH"" and ""nano"" (or ""vim"")

Start Cygwin terminal (console) as (Local not Domain) Administrator
$ ssh_config
$ net start sshd

Add yourself (simplest):

$ ssh-user-config (say YES to the first one only is enough)
$ ssh my_username@hostname_with_cygwin_openssh from another machine

Adding other users:

Create a new Windows user 'john'
Should also log in once as that user
$ mkpasswd from Cygwin to update /etc/passwd
$ nano /home/john/.ssh/authorized_keys and paste your public SSH key
You can now login as 'john' with your private SSH key

If you have issues, check /var/log/sshd.log"
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"I used to use copSSH; it's based on OpenSSH.

Use practices described here and here to lock it down.

I like the Bitvise Tunnelier client. In my experience, it has been better than putty (especially the auto-reconnect option)."