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Windows-style, terminal based, text editor for linux

Windows-style, terminal based, text editor for linux

Every once in a while, I find myself editing some text file on a remote Linux server. Most of the time, I do my best to avoid this, because I'm used to, and like, the windows way of editing files:

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"Have a look at the Sanos editor:


Only a 28k binary can do what all those other editors try to -- and fail.

It does exactly what the OP asked for:

Shift+arrows to highlight text

Ctrl-X,C,V for cut/copy/paste

You can also have several open files simultaneously, and ""pipe"" commands into it. For example, press Ctrl-P and at the prompt enter:

cat yourfile

and it will insert yourfile at the position of the cursor. This way the full power of the bash commands are at your disposal ( use grep to get only specific parts of the file inserted )."
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As I just noted in another answer, you're looking for TUI (Text-based User Interface) text editors that adhere to the CUA (Common User Access) conventions. See the other answer for a full discussion. Then note that some (almost) CUA TUI text editors are still available as Linux/Unix TUI programs, including ones built upon Turbo Vision (which is close to, but not quite, CUA) such as SET's Editor.
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"Check out Ash:
It is exactly what the OP asked for; and also looks & feels more like Windows than any of the other editors mentioned here. And it has the same ""windows like"" key bindings like Shift+arrow/home/end/pgup/pgdown for selection, and Ctrl+C/X/V for copy cut paste..."
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Have you tried nano? The shortcuts are a bit different, but it's more "Windows"-y like vi and emacs.
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NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for X Window System that is available on all major Unix and Linux systems. Users of Windows based text editors should find NEdit a familiar and comfortable environment.