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Windows utility to save/restore window size & position history? [closed]

Windows utility to save/restore window size & position history? [closed]

Is there a Windows utility that keeps a record of the size and position of all active windows for later retrieval? For example, if I have my text editor and web browser open side-by-side, and then open Outlook full screen, I'd like a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch back to the editor/browser configuration. I'm thinking of something like Emacs's Winner Mode.

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Guest [Entry]

"A commercial shareware that I believe does what you ask is ZMover ($19.95).

ZMover helps you manage your desktop
layout by enabling you to set the
size, position and layering of
application windows. Instead of
wasting time rearranging windows
across your single or multiple monitor
display, you can configure ZMover to
do the job for you. Simply tell ZMover
which windows you want to modify and
how, then hide the program and let it
work in the background. ZMover will
monitor the desktop and automatically
reposition, resize, or even keep
selected windows below or above the
others when they open. ZMover can
accommodate a large number of window
layouts that you can name and sort to
your convenience. Moreover, the
program displays information that
enables you to track its progress in
real-time and review its past

ZMover supports multiple display
setups and helps you manage
application windows across several
monitors with ease. The number of
applications lacking multiple monitor
support and the increased desktop
space offered by such display
configurations make it more difficult
to maintain an optimal desktop layout.
ZMover eliminates these difficulties
with its ability to store many window
layouts and to move windows beyond the
primary monitor.

ZMover stores user preferences in a
small portable file. So it’s easy to
define a desktop layout on one
computer and propagate it to other
computers in a lab or a data
processing center.

ZMover is mainly designed to deal with main windows. Tool windows are
trickier because they are often similar on the surface with their
program only being able to differentiate them"