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Windows Vista Activation Error (Key In Use)

Windows Vista Activation Error (Key In Use)

I'm a Linux person, so when I bought this computer I formatted it immediately into separate partitions so I could use Windows Vista/7 for games.

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"If the computer is OEM, from a major brand, that is, perhaps someone is using the key that came on the sticker on the outside of the computer. In that case, i would call Microsoft and explain the situation - they are usually good about this. (I'll bet that if I lied they would give me a free key.)

In terms of calling MS, usually the activation window has an Activate by Phone option. Use that number and when the robot on the other end prompts, try to get through to a human who can help. If there is no option, just keep entering info that it ""can't understand"" and it will forward you to a human. The only thing is that you should try during standard business hours.

And regarding the format - I doubt it has to do with it.

(OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. That would be Dell, HP, Asus, Acer etc.)"