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Windows Vista activation headache!

Windows Vista activation headache!

Been running a legit copy of OEM vista home premium for a while. All of a sudden I get the "You may be the victim of counterfeit" messages...

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"I wouldn't bother worrying with activating Windows Vista at this point. Windows 7 is coming out soon and you can be running the Release Candidate for free until it is comes out.

At least you still have the reduced functionality option to get your stuff out of Vista."
Guest [Entry]

"Microsoft checks your Vista serial against a list of known leaked serials (corporate edition keys, etc). Evidently, your serial matches one of them so it decides that you're using counterfeit software.

The only way you can make your system legit is to get in touch with an OEM support person. The OEM supplier should normally be indicated by a sticker on your computer case.

You can not make your system legit. The most you can do is turn off the nag warning. But beware that you're then considered as a counterfeiter, and that Windows Update will not be fully functioning.

Until you get somebody to give you a new serial, here's how I believe you would get rid of the nag. I suggest that you create first a system restore point, just in case.

Reboot to safe mode. Open up
HijackThis and scroll down to the
selection that says “020 – Winlogon
Nofity: Wgalogon – …” select that, and
click Fix checked.

You can also go and rename the actual
executable that nags you. The full
path to it should be (for most


Try first to see if the second step is enough (followed by a reboot), because it can be easily undone once you get your legit serial number."