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Windows Vista Explorer Questions

Windows Vista Explorer Questions

Since using Vista I've had a hell of a time just trying to get basic things working as they did in XP.

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"Get one folder exactly how you like it, then press Alt to bring up the menu and click ""Tools"" > ""Folder Options"", then under ""View"" choose ""Apply to folders""

Next, nope, that toolbar is there to stay. I am not a fan and prefer if I could have just the standard menu bar.

I find the search a bit annoying. It works fine on file name, so if there is a file called ""test3.txt"" and another one called ""test4.txt"" and I type test, it will show both, but it sometimes works with operators such as *.txt but sometimes doesn't and I haven't found out why... so, I end up using search just for names and usually still use the command prompt and type dir *.txt /s as I just find it quicker.

Nope! You can't kick anyone from Microsoft - and you can still make recovery disks. Simply go to ""Computer"" and right click on removable storage and choose format. You will see the following option:"