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Windows Vista freezes after 2-3 minutes

Windows Vista freezes after 2-3 minutes

After Vista has been running in normal mode for 2-3 minutes (regardless of whether I log in) it freezes up and all I can do is move the mouse around. This doesn't occur in safe mode or running Ubuntu. I have a T400 so I've tried both graphics cards and that hasn't made a difference. I have a hunch the problem is related to Explorer in normal mode, but I could be entirely off base.

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"Some ideas:

A problem with Explorer in Normal Mode could be it, but that sounds like a virus. Also, perhaps you should try Windows Update. Lately I've seen a few nasty rootkits floating around... (I don't mean to scare ya' - just saying)

Can you please give some more info about your specs? I am not sure what a T400 is... (I can Google it, but...)
Also, perhaps you can clarify a little: Does Safe mode work now or not?

Finally, perhaps the Windows 7 Upgrade is the best option regardless of Vista freezing up...


Try manually downloading SP2 from Microsoft.com. Also, Have you run a virus scan yet? If not, recommend a few programs...

AVG Free 9
OR MalwareBytes
OR Avira
OR Avast
Trend Micro House Call (An internet based virus scanner)


SpyBot Search & Destroy : For Adware(Be careful of some of the mirrors' download page,lots of ads, hard to discern the real link)
Lavasoft Ad-Aware

They say not to use multiple Anti-Virus side-by-side, but I've been ok with it.
Also, if all else fails - system restore will possibly help.

** EDIT 2: **

Also, look at the System Event Viewer in the control panel under Administrative tools). Perhaps there is some indication of error or failure in WinDirStat...

Edit 3:

If System Restore is causing the BSOD, try a different restore point. It may not b a virus after all. (Leaving the info up as reference, though.)"