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Windows XP computer can't see Windows 7 shares

Windows XP computer can't see Windows 7 shares

I am building a network containing notably a laptop running XP and a computer running Windows 7. Both computer have shared folders and the 7 has a shared printer, to which another laptop running 7 is able to print.

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"In the Network Sharing Center on Windows 7, you need to put on the compatibility mode for Windows XP.

Standard, I believe it's set not to be compatible with Windows XP computers..."
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Unfortunately, I was unable to find a proper solution within the timeframe. We ended up installing 7 on the laptop too.
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"Most likely it is an issue with the 128-bit encoding that Windows 7 uses. XP is not compatible with it and can't decode the folder contents.
To solve this, in the Windows 7 computer under Network and Sharing Center. in the Home or Work profile, set it to allow computers with a lesser encoding to access the shared folders."
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"I only have one advice for you.
It's Microsoft... You will have to bruteforce your way in

On any of your windows 7 computers you go to your network where you only see the windows 7 pc's.
Lets call this computername WIN7-PC and the Windows XP's computer name WINXPCOMP.
In your explorer box it will be //WIN7-PC

Now all you do to get into the windows XP pc is change //WIN7-PC into //WINXPCOMP
After you've done that, you should be seeing the shared folders now and the pc should be available on the network now (which is handy for Remote Desktop)
It can be annoying because you'll have to do this every time (maybe you can make a shortcut?)

In any case, this worked for me when i couldn't find the windows xp computers on our network, i hope this works for you."