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Windows XP crashing/BSOD issue

Windows XP crashing/BSOD issue

I am facing some problems with my Windows XP installation. All of my applications (Firefox, Winamp, antivirus, sometimes Windows Explorer) are crashing. Sometimes I get a BSOD:

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Guest [Entry]

"This might sound silly, but try re-adding your CD-ROM drive and seeing if the problem still manifests. If so, there could be something in your Windows installation which (erroneously) relies on the hardware not changing.

Otherwise, my suggestions are:

Update drivers, or roll-back ones you have recently installed (I've had some bad experiences with upgrading nVidia's drivers from time to time)
Re-seat anything with a plug: power cables, RAM sockets, drive connectors etc, especially those around the drive bay
Hardware diagnostic utilities such as memtest86+ (the link posted earlier is to a parked domain, but you can find it on any Linux LiveCD image)"