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Windows xp recovery console without Ntfs.sys? (0x00000024 BSOD)

Windows xp recovery console without Ntfs.sys? (0x00000024 BSOD)

I have two physical disks in a computer, for simlicity lets call them C and D. C: got Windows XP and D: got some data.

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"If you cannot get it to load into bartpe you can use Boot It NG to repair the partition table and get access to the files for iso making instructions go here.

Once you have a bootable cd made, install the bad hard drive then boot to the disc.
when the software load you want to cancel the installation of the partition monitoring software, once you are in the main menu

Select Partition Work

In the center window select your hard drive partition then click properties. It will most likely pop up saying that there was a fault found in the lba Table, and will ask to fix it. Click OK then close out of all of the menus and restart the computer, don't forget to eject the disc.

Windows should now boot and will most likely perform a check disk, let it proceed.

If you have access to you data on the D: now make backups and replace the drive as it is most likely starting to fail"