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Winrar-like archive utility for OS X

Winrar-like archive utility for OS X

I've been a Mac user for about 1.5 years and so far enjoyed the experience. But one thing I miss from other operating systems is the lack of compression/decompression utilities that follow the "folder" analogy.

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iArchiver provides a file-explorer type interface for archives. However, it does this when you drag the archive on to the "Extract" box in the program; just double-clicking archives in Finder will still auto-extract them.
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"For the sake of completeness (of a list of nice archivers) and just citing another similar question's answer, you can try Unarchiver (which I'm still to experiment myself).

I have same exact wish as the OP, and I just had a very bad experience with Springy, which was the best one I've tried so far."
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"Springy can do this.

Springy is a simple to use, yet
powerful archiving and compression
utility for Mac OS X. Springy
integrates seamlessly with the Finder
and includes some very useful
features. All archiving tasks can be
done via Drag and Drop, system
Services Menu or through Springy's
Finder contextual menu.Springy
features at a glance: Open and browse
the contents of an archive or disk
image without extracting any file from
it. Quickly extract all files or only
files of choice from an archive or
disk image. Quickly extract the whole
archive or disk image by
double-clicking its file in a
Finder.Modify the contents of an
existing archive or disk image: add,
overwrite, delete and rename files in
an archive or disk image. Full Drag &
Drop support for archiving and
extracting from and into Finder.

The context menu:

Springy is shareware, try it before you buy it ($19.95 for a license)."
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UnrarX is very basic but it works, and it is free (open-source).