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WinXP Scheduled Task: Open a webpage in a browser

WinXP Scheduled Task: Open a webpage in a browser

I am trying to create a scheduled task that opens up a webpage that has requires credentials for an http login dialog. I can get IE to load the page, but it will not remember my password for some reason. Firefox does remember my password, But it still requires someone sitting at the machine to click OK. Also, the scheduled task will not even run if Firefox is already running even though I specify 'new window' as a command line argument. Instead, it gives this message: 'Firefox is allready running, but not responding. To open a new window...'). Here is the command I'm using to load the page:

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Guest [Entry]

"Maybe try using a different scheduler to see if it can get around the issue of FF not opening a second window. I use System Scheduler, which I've found ""better"" than the built in.

For OKing the passsword, can FF remember to stay logged in? Depends on your private data settings- make sure to disable ""clear private data"" on exit.

A bit clumsy perhaps, but a simple autohotkey script can send enter, perhaps add this action to the schedule."