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wired connection slower than wireless connection

wired connection slower than wireless connection

i have a TL-WR641G/642G 108M Wireless LAN Router. im currently putting my wireless settings to 108 mbps(danamic). i live with my roommate who is using a laptop,while im using desktop(cable connected to router). i just wanted to know why and how am i the one cabled but slower than my roommate,as in browsing,games etc. everytime hes surfing(which is a lot)i even had to wait half a minute to open google.

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"the problem seems to be related to your roommate's internet activities.

you may seek an arrangement involving 'Traffic Shaping' to share the internet connection in a fair and acceptable manner.

This can be achieved with software on the client computers (e.g. Traffic Shaper XP in your case, i don't know of any equivalent for Mac OS X) or with a router that supports bandwidth shaping via the firmware (e.g. any router that supports DD-WRT or Tomato)."