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Wireless monitor

Wireless monitor

Is there such a thing?

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"NewEgg carries the IOGear Wireless Audio / Video Kit. (Or without the audio)

Iogear presents a wireless High
Definition multimedia enjoyment
solution to you with its Wireless
Audio / Video Kit! Connect the USB
adapter to your PC, the VGA adapter to
your VGA display and audio adapter to
your speakers, and voila!

Enjoy all the multimedia content
stored on your computer through your
home theater system! No complex cables
to tangle and clutter your living

They also carry the Addlogix Wireless Video Display Adapter. Amusingly enough, you can use an ethernet cable to run the signal (making it not so wireless):

Send signal wirelessly to your
projector or TV with the addlogix
EV2100 wireless display adapter. It
takes advantage of your 802.11b/g
connection to send a signal to your TV
or projector. You can also run an
Ethernet cable for the signal."