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Wireless network connection loses signal strength when connected [duplicate]

Wireless network connection loses signal strength when connected [duplicate]

I am hooking up a wireless router for my granddaughter who lives next door. Her computer works when it is in my house. When I moved it to her house. I see 5 bars signal strength. As soon as I connect to the network (Wep) It drops to 1 bar. If I disconnect, it goes back to 5 bars. I purchased an ‘Extender’ at 40 feet even the extender which is suppose to have a 300’ range stays at 1 bar.

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Guest [Entry]

"Could it be detecting the repeater initially, but connecting to the original (further away) access point when it actually connects? I'm not sure what you would need to kick to resolve the issue if that were the case though.

Some other potentially useful information you might like edit into your question:

Where is the wireless access point relative to the range extender? Right next to it? any walls between? In the next house?
Where is the problem site relative to the range extender and access point?
Are there any other 2.4GHz devices (wireless video senders for example) operating in either house?"