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Wireless network stops working in XP until reconnect

Wireless network stops working in XP until reconnect

I have rather strange issue with my wireless connection. Once in a while my computer just breaks all the internet connections and couldn't connect anywhere else. It does not however get disconnected from the network. Taking wireless connection down and then up again restores internet access but nothing else does. Other computer connected to the same wireless router works all the time.

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Guest [Entry]

"Troubleshooting wifi is, well, a b*^$h.

Start with your adapter and try to pinpoint if you're dealing with a hardware problem. Try connecting directly with a cable and keep an eye on it....if it stays connected you most likely have a bad wifi adapter/driver issue. Update the adapter's drivers, try again. Still a problem? Get your hands on another adapter...Still a problem? Try Winsockfix. Eek, so much more to check! try these things and get back."