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Wireless Printer Server recommendations? [closed]

Wireless Printer Server recommendations? [closed]

My town library has a wireless network in place. They want to relocate an existing USB printer connected to a PC to another location that's far away from any PCs. So connecting the printer to PC via a very long USB cable is not a great solution. The printer does not support WiFi only USB.

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"You say you're using ""an existing USB printer"". The model and specs of the printer are crucial here.

Specifically, if the printer supports a Page Description language like PCL5, PCL6 or PostScript, then just about any printserver will do the job. That includes USB printer ports on some routers.

However, if the printer is a modern, low-cost, ""host-based"" printer (which uses the host PC to convert the page into dots on the paper) then things become a lot more difficult. These printers are notoriously hard to network and will typically only work with printservers that specifically support the printer. Reputable printserver manufacturers have a list of supported printers. If your printer is not on the list, you must assume it will not work. Host-based printers come under a variety of names, including GDI, PCL3 (no relation to PCL5/6), LIDL, etc.

Note that most USB-only printers are host-based. If you can provide your printer's model number I may be able to update this answer with recommended printservers."