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Wireless Repeater with DD-WRT

Wireless Repeater with DD-WRT

I have an ATT wireless modem and a LinkSys Router with DD-WRT v24 sp1 installed. I went through the instructions on this page and got to the point that the DD-WRT router can talk with the modem. My goal is to use the LinkSys as a wireless repeater, but for now, while I'm testing, I'm connecting to the LinkSys router via wire.

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"pbz found that configuring DD-WRT as a Repeater Bridge instead of Repeater allowed him to access the internet when connected to his DD-WRT device via ethernet cable.

Wireless -> Basic Settings -> Wireless Mode -> Repeater Bridge

In contrast to Repeater, Repeater Bridge allows for connecting clients to be on the same subnet, in his case 192.168.1.x. Here is a comparison matrix between WDS vs Repeater vs Repeater Bridge features."