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Word 2003 .DOC formatting lost in HTML Emails

Word 2003 .DOC formatting lost in HTML Emails

A Word .DOC I've created and would like to send via HTML email loses it's formatting when sent in an email. With Word DOC open can choose "Save as HTML" and it looks fine as long as viewing from within the Word program.

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Guest [Entry]

"I see a couple of solutions. Assuming this is an isolated issue not a process that requires automation.


Copy and paste the text into a new email

If your email client chokes on the formatting

Send Word Document as an attachment.

If recipient doesn't want a Word document and the formatting isn't a nightmare (and your client choked?)

Save a copy as an RTF document and attach that

If the formatting is beyond that capabilities of RTF

Install the Microsft Save as PDF plugin (2007 version) and attach a pdf.


Apparently only Office 2007 has a PDF export plugin from Microsoft. Alternately for 2003 you can try exporting the document as a TIFF.

You can also have the person your emailing download the Word 2003 viewer program assuming they can install the software."