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Word 2008 Mac not printing to bottom of page (even to PDF!)

Word 2008 Mac not printing to bottom of page (even to PDF!)

I'm trying to convert a (basic) InDesign newsletter to word (so it can be offloaded to other people), and am having real trouble printing to the bottom of the page (on top of the usual issues of trying to use Word...). This cuts off our border (which is rather important in having a decent looking newsletter...)

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"Do you have a HP printer? I was having the same problems. I adjusted all the settings you did and in preview or saving as pdf it was always showing a bottom border. So back to my HP question, even though HPs print borderless photos some (probably not all) don't allow borderless documents which is so stupid! So despite all margins being zero it still forces a ridiculously large border on the bottom. I changed it to my Canon printer and that reduced my border woes. I wasn't able to completely eliminate the border but I just wanted it to be less anyway.

... a late response but I was just googling for an answer so this might help someone."