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X11 versions: Mapping between 1.X and 7.x notation?

X11 versions: Mapping between 1.X and 7.x notation?

"I often encounter information about the X11 server.
Sometimes the version is written as 1.6.x, sometimes as 7.4.x.
However, in both cases, same product seems to be referred."

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"The version numbers refer to different things..
7.x refers to the ""X window system"" (X11) version. In other words, the version of the specs that define the protocols being used and things like that.
1.x refers to the ""Xdotorg"" server version, an implementation of the X11 specification.

Wikipedia has a table that could be used as mapping between the two."
Guest [Entry]

Peter Hutterer, one of the Xdotorg developers and the release manager of the Xorg server 1.7 release, posted an explanation of this on his blog today: X11R7.5 released - but what is it?