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x509anchor error with entourage

x509anchor error with entourage

I use Enourage 2008 for Mac OS X 10.5.8

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Guest [Entry]

"So here is the Answer finally:

Entourage 2004 doesn't manage to find the certificates on Mac OS X 10.5 because they have been made obsolete.

As it turns out, the X509Anchors file,
as of Leopard, has been made obsolete
- but not entirely... It can (and is) still read from, but cannot be written
to - at least not with any GUI
interface like Apple Keychain or
Microsoft Cert Manager.

As Entourage looks at this X509Anchors
file for the Root Certificate and not
in the new
files, of course it's not going to
find it! This also explains why people
that upgraded rather than fresh

Source: http://www.entourage.mvpsdotorg/faq_topic/leopard.html"