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X forwarding over SSH from Mac to a Linux box

X forwarding over SSH from Mac to a Linux box

I need run Mac applications on a remote Mac machine and display it on a local Linux machine's X server (a lot of articles on the Internet seem to be detailing how would you do it the opposite way).

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Guest [Entry]

"If a Mac's Aqua was X, then you would not need to run X (XQuartz) to start other X programs on a Mac...

So: no, I think you cannot do this.

But, to help you get started, I'd first try to get true X programs forwarded to your Linux machine:

On your Mac: install XQuartz if you've not yet done so (like XQuartz 2.3.4 from optional installs on the OS X 10.6 DVD, or download the latest from the XQuartz project).
On your Mac: change X11Forwarding no into X11Forwarding yes (and ensure there's no hash (#) in front of that line) using sudo vi /private/etc/sshd_config, or using a sed command from Apple's Enabling X11 Forwarding. This will also ensure the DISPLAY variable is set automatically.
On your Linux machine:

ssh -Y user@mac-box

(Some next steps might then include Googling for Xephyr (or the older Xnest). And if you run into keyboard issues: Google xmodmap, or use xev for debugging. Or for font issues: Google xfs and xset +fp tcp/mac-box:7100. But I doubt you can run Aqua programs this way.)"
Guest [Entry]

"Just use

su -lm <usrname-to-proxy-for>

to enter into a shell where no X11 issues will occur. See manpages for details about the '-m' option."