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zfs setup question

zfs setup question

Currently I have a linux storage box and server with 4x750gb harddrives in raid-5 with ext3. I have ordered 3x1.5tb disks to upgrade this. Here is my planned upgrade:

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"This seems like a very inconvenient way to do it.

Use ZFS on FUSE rather than running it through a virtual machine, the performance will not be good in any case, but I'd definately try not to have the file system inside a virtual machine
AFAIK you can actually increase the number of disks in a running raid using zfs
Using three 1.5TB disks and one 750GB disk in an array would limit the usable sizes of all disks to the smallest one. There is some research being done on having raid over different disk sizes, but it's not usable now

I would rather create a new raid array of the 1.5TB disks (either md raid or raidz via fuse) in linux, and expand it with single disks as the need arises."