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Zsh: How can I disable the "searching..."-feature?

Zsh: How can I disable the "searching..."-feature?

When I misspell a command or directory and press enter, zsh first says command not found, but then displays the annoying "searching..." text, which can take a few seconds to show me, that nothing has been found anyway ;)

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Guest [Entry]

"Which version of zsh are you running?


Your personal .zshrc might be empty, but have you checked the system files?

man zsh

At the end of the default man page, it will usually list the installation specific system file locations (usually in /etc)

/etc/zsh/zlogout (installation-specific - /etc is the default)

Do any of these files include any changes? I've found most Linux distributions tend to install command-not-found. I prefer to not use it and uninstall it."