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Zune HD use in UK

Zune HD use in UK

I'm considering getting a Zune HD imported from the US to the UK but before I do I want to find out if I will still be able to deploy XNA games to it from my PC. I'm able to do this with an old 1st generation Zune I have at home but would like to know if anything has changed that might prevent this.

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"i have a zune hd, in the UK. it works the same way as earlier versions of the hardware, with a couple of caveats.

For some features in the software, e.g. the marketplace, you will need to set the locale of the user in windows to USA.
for the zune card, you'll need a USA Live ID, for me i had to create a new one
you can't use any of the marketplace paid for content, inlcuding a zune pass, unless you have a USA based credit card and address. which sucks, unless you have family there."
Guest [Entry]

"The new Windows Phone 7 looks like it may be a replacement for the Zune HD worldwide.

However we will have to wait until lunch to see if the music services are limited to the USA."