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bad screens display vertical lines with a white background

bad screens display vertical lines with a white background

I had a G2 that it took 4 screens before finally getting one that worked. I am now replacing a screen on a different G2 and I am on the second screen.

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bert [Entry]

"A grey white washed screen? I experienced this problem when replacing my screen and found out why this is happening..

When connecting the ribbon from the screen onto the bottom board that has the charging port (this), the ribbon has a small amount of circuitry and components (the second piece from the left). The original would have adhesive to stick to the (charging port) board, and the absence of that means that the circuitry will touch against the metal part of the (white) antenna cable that is connected there too.

After trying (and failing( to adhere the ribbon firmly to the board underneath, I simply cut a small piece of electrical tape and placed it in between the antenna and ribbon and solved the problem.

Hope this helps!"
bert [Entry]

I found that my lines were coming from the bottom part next to the LCD connector. It's not a connector but it's suppose to sit flat. The gap is what was causing the lines in the screen. I put electrical tape on it to hold it down and I haven't had any more issues. See image!
bert [Entry]

"As before, I've had a big Dropbox clean out, so my old links to the photos posted previously are no longer valid. To get around this being an issue in the future, I've uploaded the photos directly to my iFixit account.



All Fixed:"
bert [Entry]

"The white lines are a real problem for the LG G2!

LG says they are part of the screen 'cause they used the zero gap technology, so every G"" should have it; on some devices they are too much visible and so this is an issue!

Here in Italy a few guys bring the device for assistance: they change the screen with a new one with the same identical white lines issue!! :("
bert [Entry]

Old Turkey, I changed suppliers on 2 of the screens and still the same results. I am wondering if there is something in the "after market screens" that is causing this or if it is something in the phone programming since the old screen always works other than the cracks and dead spots.
bert [Entry]

"When i was installing the latest cm12.1 nightly, after trying a few other roms, i also installed, by mistake, an old jb bootloader/bootstack.

As result the phone entered in Bootloop, but not a normal bootloop, on the screen start appearing some crazy interferences and then the phone boot up, but the screen not. The phone made sounds and the touchscreen work, but the screen was black/off.

I've managed to solve the problem with an unbrick method, but now i have a huge problem: the screen, on the rigth side, from the top to the botton has 6/7 black lines. I have no idea how to solve this and if is a hardware problem ... I've read it's an kernel problem, not hardware, but don't know how to solve the problem :/