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Camera is not working

Camera is not working

My redmi 2 prime camera is not working....it shows cannot connected..please help me

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bert [Entry]

"Hi Guys, I had this problem since 3 months from now. I tried pressing on the bottom portion of the rear camera, but it did not work for me.

Today morning I just unscrewed the rear panel and pressed on the connecting chip which is on the right side of the camera (When we face rear camera). Unscrewing may make your warranty void, but that is ok for as I don't have service centres near my place.

Anyway if you don't want to remove the rear panel, try pressing on the right side of the camera (Remove the rear cover which means you can see the battery and sim cards when you doing that. Pressing on the back cover will not do much help). It MAY work.


bert [Entry]

"This camera issue is well known issue and yes it is the issue with Motherboard.

Only option is to give it in service center, it will be fixed without charge if under warranty. if not then they will charge huge.

Service is horrible. i have given my phone two times. first time it took 2 months and then after 15 days only it started giving the same issue again. when i went back they said it is same motherboard issue, so i gave it again. This time it again took more then 2 months. So in 1 year warranty period my phone was in service station for 4 months.

When you give it to service center then dont think when will you get it back. We all should learn onething from this. Stop buying any MI Products. If they dont care about their customer then why should we support them by buying these phones with inbuilt problems.

I have another MI Redmi 2 Prime now that phone also started giving the same error. it is also still in warranty period, so i need to get ready to face the same cycle of going to Service center and waiting for more then 2 months for getting the phone back.

If you are having camera issue and your phone is not under warranty then i suggest go and buy some branded phone and throw this phone, as the repair charge will be approximately more the Rs.4500 (Phone actual cost is Rs. 6000)"
bert [Entry]

"slowly phone slept on hend from camera side slowly..then it will start..

the contect of camera is missing so this error happen .when u just pressure on camera side back it will contect again..but still if not get u camera than go to customer center. i have do it and it run."
bert [Entry]

Main 15 days se apne camera ko thik krne ki kosis Kr rhi Hun and every time I get can't connect camera.. but today I got it back.. trust me if u too want it then after removing back cover tap on the right side of rear view camera and then press it.. it will work
bert [Entry]

"Hi..to fix ""can't connect to camera"": camera error,

Try these..methods.1.Go to settings,installed apps,click on camera app,force stop the app,reboot your cell phone..Then the software problem will be fixed.

2.If the step 1 fails,then it is the hardware problem,which caused due to phone fallen on ground..resulting in displacement of camera contact in hardware..Try this solution...gently press around the camera of your phone ,keeping camera app open...you can find that camera is working..now do step1 and restart your phone..

3.contact a service person to fix the problem"
bert [Entry]

"alright before anyone declare this as a hard ware issue i would like you to follow few steps and see if this can fix this issue and solve your problem .

please restart the phone kill all the unwanted programs from phone .

try updating the phone software and for few more steps visit Guide to Fix Phone Camera . please checkout this Guide step by step and see if this can get camera working"