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Can't get my tv to stay on

Can't get my tv to stay on

When I plug my tv in, it says toshiba Chromecast and then the screen goes black. Red light is on. Then after about a minute, the red light dissapeares. Will not turn on with remote, only by unplugging and then plugging back in.

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bert [Entry]

lbrown3240  sounds like a signal issue. Unplug all inputs and unplug that TV from the power outlet. Hold the power button down for something like a minute. After that, plug your TV in again and only connect one input. Use a local input like a DVD player, game console or similar. See what your TV displays then. Let us know the exact model for your TV so we can try to help you further if needed.
bert [Entry]

"I figured out how to fix this today after reading all of the posts that said its ""unfixable"". The problem is due to Chromecast setup mode being stuck, if you have connected the tv to your wifi previously you will need to do the following

1. Using a phone or other google device, download and setup the ""Home"" app from google

2. The app should detect the tv on the same Wifi as your phone even with the tv being completely dark, (no screen, no red light)

3. Complete the tv's chromecast setup and skip through all of the other streaming bs, you don't need it

4. Once it has completed, the phone should indicate that the tv is on ""stanby"" or something to that nature. Essentially the black screen and no red light are due to chromecast having an invisible non-responsive ""screen saver""

5. Hold down the power button on the side of the tv until you see the tv reboot, keep holding until it fully powers on and asks you to complete setup (language, time, tv channels, etc. )

6. At this point you should be good to go."
bert [Entry]

"In my case, it was a bad LED or LED strip. The TV is going into a mode that shuts everything off when the LEDs fail. The ones in the TV I salvaged were five years old and were dim or burned out.

You can get the parts at a site like ShopJimmy.com for the make and model of the TV. I bought a full replacement set for $60, double sided tape, and shipping, for a total of $75 spent. However, it’s a time consuming process to repair. I spent four hours just getting the TV apart and putting the new strips in, and in the correct order. There are also a lot of screws holding everything together, and holding the strips down to the back of the TV. I’m on the second afternoon of trying to put it all back together.

If you decide to tackle this repair, you should also wear nitrile gloves. Fingerprints on the diffusing layers will ruin them. There are at least four, and they can’t get out of order. You also don’t want to bend them. You also run the risk of cracking the LCD screen if you don’t support it properly when removing it.

I honestly wouldn’t do this again. It’s a TV I salvaged though, and I figured I’d give it a shot."
bert [Entry]

"I spoke with Toshiba… the representative said that it is a Google Chromecast issue and that if I purchase a Google Chromecast and plug it into the TV it should work just fine. Apparently they (Google) discontinued working with this TV model.

My TV worked fine, not one issue until it just turned off one day. Then wouldn't turn on. Had the same issue happen. Screen turns on then off. I tried installing a “New"" firmware on the Toshiba website and the TV would stay ON!!! So I know it's not a power issue or a screen issue! The update didn't work but due to the screen staying on I know that it may work if I purchase a Chromecast. I am currently waiting on my purchase. Will update once received and tried."
bert [Entry]

When the Toshiba flashes start to hit ‘Exit' repeatedly on the remote till the screen stays on, I dont know why but this fixed the issue for me…
bert [Entry]

Yeah I e tried the exit thing amd bought a new chromecast n &&^&^$^ nothing !!!! I give up so &&^& you bestbuy you bunches &&^&^$^ worthless &&^&^$^ money grubbing crooks … and &&^& you google