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Can I replace the cord on my shark vacuum

Can I replace the cord on my shark vacuum

The cord on my shark lift away, the prongs are about to break. Can I replace the cord?

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bert [Entry]

"Thanks for posting this, I successfully made the repair. My wife ordered a new cord right after our puppy decided to chew on it. Yes, it was unplugged!

Those images will help you take it apart, CLICK HERE for a complete set of pics! I hope this helps someone out, and I am sure someone will comment there is a better way to make connections. I am sure there is, but this worked perfectly. My only advice is, keep each screw with each part. Take your own step by step pics, they really helped in making sure I put the wire protector parts back in place correctly. Happy Ifixing! (ifixit.com, feel free to use these images!)

— Spencer from CT"
bert [Entry]

"YES YOU CAN, cause I just did.

Ordered the cord from Amazon $18 or so.

remove the dirt canister and vacuum head. remove all the screws from the bottom of the canister and pull the cover off. inside you will see a plate with 4 screws, remove this. Now you will see the crimp on wire nuts, I didn't have these so I just simply used twist on wire nuts and tape.

Reassemble and vacuum away. Easiest repair I've had to make on a household appliance.

Hope this helps."
bert [Entry]

Another option is replace the plug only, if the dog chewed close to the plug. That would shorten the cord a little. Or cut of the cord where bad and put a new plug, then use an extension cord. Hide from dog !
bert [Entry]

Yes you can... you can do it your self (if you feel confident in taking the vacuum apart) or you can take it to almost any vacuum repair shop and they will do it...
bert [Entry]

Great pics, thank you! Easy repair - the small orange wire nuts for #18 wire work well. Be careful not to over-tighten the black screws when putting back together as the heads will twist right off - as I did for the first one :/
bert [Entry]

"I don’t have an answer. My cat chewed my cord. Is it safe to put the black electric tape around it?

Pictures did not help me. I’m sure they are excellent, I just have a problem seeing the detail."
Uriygf [Entry]

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