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Craftsman Lawn Tractor: How do I replace the Transaxle Variation Belt?

Craftsman Lawn Tractor: How do I replace the Transaxle Variation Belt?

How do I replace the Transaxle Variation Belt?

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bert [Entry]

"@vharbuck notification just popped up :-). Bear with me and I am going to check to see what I can find out.,

Now I see what it does. Same as the old Skidoo engines (or DAF:-)

This mower is sold by Sears but actual built by Husqvarna so lets see whose axles they are using.

Update (10/19/2017)

Okay, so it uses a General Transmission RS800P transaxle.

- Remove cutting deck (see owner manual)

- Lift up the rear of the tractor, then remove both rear wheels.

- Disconnect the variation rod (1).

- Disconnect the switch (4).

- Disconnect the bypass rod (2).

- Disconnect the brake spring (3).

- Activate and lock the parking brake, to slacken the belt , and remove it from the main pulley (5).

- Remove the mounting bolts, to separate the transmission from the frame.

We recommend to keep 2 bolts partially unscrewed, to prevent the transmission from falling.

- Lower the rear of the tractor until the transmission lightly touches the ground, then remove the 2 last bolts.

- Lift up the rear of the tractor to release the transmission.

Update (10/19/2017)

@vharbuck this should help you out to at least get to the drive/belt."
bert [Entry]

"It’s not that difficult to do yourself, lift seat, remove battery and tray, make sure you lock the brake on to remove tension from drive belt, remove top drive belt, remove 4- #25 torx screws that hold the 2 belts. Lift that piece out making sure you watch how it will go back in, Clean any debris from the area, install new variation belt and reverse the process. This only took me 25-45 minutes after I got the new belt. Don’t be afraid to try this, just watch how it come apart, if you have a phone take some pictures before you start as a reference.

Wish you the best!!

bert [Entry]

I’m having a hard time finding the transaxle belt part number. I just want to make sure I order the right belt. But $51??? Based off your picture. Dang! They are proud of them.
bert [Entry]

Henry, did you find out the solution on the loose belt? I have the same problem when I replaced my. Wonder if the sears part diagram called out the wrong belt.
bert [Entry]

Glad someone finally put something up about this process. I did this twice now on my Husqvarna. Admittedly Craftsman was smart to put a plate under the seat, something Husqvarna did not do. I do have a question in order to tighten that belt when it gets weak do I screw the nut in or do I back it off? It is incredibly hard to get to on a Husqvarna more as you have to take the entire room down off the frame to reach it.
bert [Entry]

What size belt does it take?