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dash and tail lights not working. Does it have a taillight relay?

dash and tail lights not working. Does it have a taillight relay?

All lights work except Dash and taillight. Fuses were good. is a tail light relay

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bert [Entry]

"theresa, this is what the manual has to say :


Both tail lamps do not come on (Headlamps are normal).

1. TAIL fuse

2. TAIL relay (USA only)

3. Headlamp dimmer switch assy

4. Daytime running light relay (USA only)

5. Wire harness

The tail lamp relay is relay number B, 2md from the left in the RH junction box


(a) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the

table below.


Tester connection Condition Specified resistance

3 – 5 Always 10 kW or higher

3 – 5

Apply B+ between terminals 1 and 2 Below 1 W

If that is not the cause, I would check the headlight dimmer switch (sounds more like it because of your dash light being out as well

Hope this helps, good luck."
bert [Entry]

2006 Toyota Matrix. If your dash lights work but won't dim and your running light won't work and your license plate lights are out. Then there are 4 relays directly above the glove box. you can't see them until you drop the panel. There are three 10mm bolts just in front of the latch. There are 4 relays, 3 that look the same and one that is different. The relay that you want is the middle one of the 3 that are the same. I hope this helps
bert [Entry]

"Hi all,

I have the same problem on my corolla ascent. I found the thimble switch on the steering column to be sticky/ dirty. They are little fingers/ platinum points that needed to be cleaned with some fine sandpaper. Also bending the fingers will also help to give better contact for the lights. There are 3 fingers and the middle one is for the park & tail lights.

Hope this helps resolve your problem.

bert [Entry]

If your car was damaged to the front and you had to repair any wires, you may connect 2 identical wires together. Also you can mess them up very easy when you connect aftermarket stereo system. They could be identical but wrong wires. Recommend to recheck them at those places that you where working on.
bert [Entry]

My Auris did the same. Park and tail lights not working and the rest worked. I removed the air bag and steering wheel. Removed the light and wiper unit from the steering column. Opened the lighting unit and lightly sanded the contacts and my problem was solved.
bert [Entry]

My 03 camry had the same issue. No gauge lights, tail lamps, and no parking lights. The tail lamp relay is on the back of the fuse box ( middle one on the outside,) but that wasn't the problem. Under the hood I swapped the horn relay with the ECU relay and it fixed the problem. Those relays are side by side and they're all the same.