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Hinge on the right is broken, is there any way to fix?

Hinge on the right is broken, is there any way to fix?

Hi, I have an original first-generation DS exactly like the one in the photo, except the hinge on the right hand side underneath the top screen is broken. Is there any way to just fix the hinge or would I have to replace the whole top LCD screen?

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bert [Entry]

I haven't taken apart an original DS, but I have taken apart DS Lite's, XL's, DSi, etc. If Im not mistaken, the hinges are each separate parts which could be replaced individually. If the DS is out of warranty, you might want to consider a DIY approach and investigate further =)
bert [Entry]

you can try to glue it with some super glue by removing the upper screen.
bert [Entry]

"Here is what I have just done to my DS, I don't know how long it will last but it's been doing just fine for the last half hour:

Take a tiny bit of pipecleaner and bend it round where the hinge was, so it's roughly the same shape and size as the old hinge.

* Take a small square duc tape/masking tape, (about 1cm2) and tape it half over the pipecleaner and half over the middle of your DS.

* Take a small strip of your tape (about 3cm long and the width of the remaining hinge) and stick it down down the exact spot your old hinge used to occupy so that it ends up half on the lid.

You have to sort of help to poke it back under when you open your DS, but it stops the screen from flopping back, which was the best I could do.

Hopefully this is clear enough, I posted this on my tumblr with pictures so if you want to view it there you can: http://bagadew.tumblr.com/post/149984043..."
bert [Entry]

"If somebody has a broken hinge on their nintendo ds lite you can do a quick fix with ducktape see video. I know its not perfect, but it stays in the position you want. It can even close and open compared to other youtube fix with elastic band which doenst close and you will have to take out the elastic band. Because you have the original ds you might want to try the elastic band.

Good luck and stay nice ^^

my tutorial ds lite fix with ducktape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6PO4UVd...

other youtuber ds fix with elastic band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q92kgxI..."
bert [Entry]

There are many compatible cases for the original nds now, so following these guides will point you in the right direction!