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Horizontal line on bottom of MacBook Pro 2017 (Due to overheating)

Horizontal line on bottom of MacBook Pro 2017 (Due to overheating)

Hey everyone,

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bert [Entry]

"OK, this is a very different kind of problem than what I was expecting. The LCD display panel its self does not have any problems! This is a heat issue with the T-CON board.

Let me explain … The T-CON board is mounted just above the heatsink radiator within the main case unlike the older MacBook Pro’s which had it mounted within the lid with the LCD display panel.

So when you blocked the ventilation the board overheated causing it to loose its horizontal sync at the bottom edge of the display giving you this colorful line.

This board is part of the display assembly so if it does get damaged from overheating you’ll need to get the full assembly replaced which would be an expensive repair!

So you are lucky! The overheating didn’t damage anything as it did recover. So lesson learned, don’t block the ventilation and keep the fans clean and don’t block the vents! ;-}"
bert [Entry]

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bert [Entry]

"Hello dan and bruce. Right now I'm having same problem about my macbook pro 2017 13inch. My macbook did have some line in bottom if its had overheating. But if my macbook in normal temperature it disappeared. Here is my question, did your macbook runs well without any problem? If its runs well, i hope you give me solution my macbook. Please:(

This is in normal

This is the problem"
bert [Entry]

Hello, I have the same problems. Macbook Pro 2017 - I have a 13-inch model. At first, horizontal lines appeared at the top, and now the screen is completely filled with lines. I use the screen by connecting it with HDMI. I think this is Apple's chronic problem.
bert [Entry]

I am also facing this problem. When I turn it on in the morning screen looks good. But after 15-30 minutes of use they start to appear and within a few hours, almost half-inch of the screen from bottom becomes black. Is there any way to fix it?
bert [Entry]

"Hello @danj,

I got the same problem actually, I called Apple, they did an online Diagonistic, there was a problem with the battery. I was so lucky because there is a program from Apple (Keyboard Replacement). They replaced the Upper-Case and after that the problem still there!

I left the MacBook for 1 Month and after that I started it up and the problem reduces so much. The lines before were like 4cm height from the bottom of the screen. After the month just some lines appears on the Botton when the Mac overheated.

I called Apple again and I told them about this issue because I have 90 days Warranty for the replaced parts after repair. I will try to get that fixed for free otherwise I have to buy like almost 600 Euro for the Display!

This is my experience.

Thank you all!"