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How can I recover data from the phone's broken internal hard drive?

How can I recover data from the phone's broken internal hard drive?

So this is the problem: i threw my phone on the ground and stepped on it (my temper is not the best). the screen is shattered at the top, so much that the little bits of glass are falling out so NOW i decided to put the case back on. (i know). When i plug the phone into a computer a prompt will pop up however, when i click on the pop up nothing can be found on the phone. On my mac the photos will be "loading" all day. nothing shows up ultimately.

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bert [Entry]

Dre Marie, first off I do recommend anger management classes. Then I suggest that you disassemble your phone. It does not have a hard drive. All your files are stored on some memory modules. Unless you take it apart and check for internal damage, there is no way to get those files off. Use these guides to work on your phone and inspect the logicboard carefully. Hope this helps, good luck
bert [Entry]

"I don't think you can view the phone on the computer unless you input the password? Which would be difficult as the digitiser is probably faulty too.

If you can't access anything on the computer I would do the following:

Use a S3 to hdmi to plug into a tv (amazon or ebay) and see if you get anything, if you do, and if you're lucky, the touch screen might work, so you can see on the tv screen and guess approximately where ro touch the screen.

NOTE: charger must be plugged into the small box also for it to work

once unlocked, quickly plug into the computer, swiping the screen every few seconds to prevent it from locking.

im sure it wont do anything until the code is in, otherwise, any monkey could plug your phone in and take what they want.

hope this helps."
bert [Entry]

When you plug it in to computer have you went to the actual device through your computer and not through the pop up when you plug it in? You can access all the files on your phone like a regular USB flash drive.
bert [Entry]

I think it needs to get in the download mode and extract the packages of data. Like some software, FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction, they all use this method to recover the files from broken Android phone.