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How do I disassemble my Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion + Groomer?

How do I disassemble my Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion + Groomer?

I researched and bought a Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion + Groomer to help me stay within regulations as I was deploying to the Middle East.

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bert [Entry]

Solved my problem! ! I used the shaver until it died, plugged it in and left. When I came back hours later, my trimmer wouldn't turn on, and if I plugged it in the blue light would flash and do not more. While attempting to disassemble it, I discovered the screw under the power button was loose and partially backed out. If I pressed the power switch without the button in place, the razor tured on. By tightening the slightly, everything works normally
bert [Entry]

"I had this same problem. Plugged in the power chord, blue light flickers, if I turn the chord a little bit it gets stable (makes contact) and then after a few seconds blue light off. I first thought the problem was just poor contact, which is a PROBLEM in my case because if flickers at first, but not the main problem as the light goes stable after good contact and them off after a few seconds.

As it turns out this model comes with a RED plastic protector, some king of plastic plugg to protect the DC socket. It's a small individual part you can put it in when you are not using and take out to use the trimmer.

When that plastic RED protector is plugged it protects agains water/humidity/etc AND the trimmer won't turn on. The same when you are charging, the trimmer won't work. So, I found that when you plug something in the DC socket there's a very small mechanical switch inside that prevents the trimmer to work.

So back to the beginning, the blue light goes off after a few seconds meaning the battery is fully charged. You plugg out the power chord and nothing. WHY? Because the mechanical switch is ON, in my case it was jammed, stuck in that position. I opened it all, did a bypass to that mechanical switch and VOILA, everything working normally.

So, what is my problem right now? I worked around the mechanical switch thing, but sometimes it does not charge, because the DC connector is bad, after me trying to clean it, end up forcing it, as I thought it was a calcination problem (not sure if this is the right term, calcination), I mean full of grey dust which prevents a good contact.

SO, now I need to replace the DC socket BUT don't know which type/size is it to look for it for example in ebay.

Does anyone now what type of DC SOCKET is it? Any reference? DC-003 maybe?"
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"I will chime in here with my experiences, in case they’re useful for anyone else:

I also have the Wahl 9818L, ie. “Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer”, with the hidden screw as shown and described aboveI also began experiencing the “flickering blue light” / refuses-to-charge issue after a year or two of useI ordered some replacement DC-003 sockets off of the internet, as suggested abovedesoldering the original socket and soldering in a new one resolved the issueafter about another year, I accidentally dropped the trimmer and the issue returnedI still had some spare replacement DC-003 sockets, and soldering in another new one resolved the issue again

Thanks to all the contributors above for sharing their tips — I’m glad to be able to keep the trimmer in use for only the cost of a few cheap DC-003 replacement sockets!"
bert [Entry]

"Just use a skinny blade phillps head screw driver or something thin like a feeler gauge to pop

the external button out , its just a pressure fit. I think the external button itself is the most of the problem

with these . Its either misaligned in the case of always on or worn off on the actuator knub that hits

the actual switch is worn down.

The first picture doesn't seem to show a model 7818"