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How to remove retail mode?

How to remove retail mode?

Hey all:

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bert [Entry]

"From Canada here,

you go to the app called Retail Mode. First password is the - 5444, then you will click off disable retail mode. will ask you again for password. that you will use the M729Q16K8546. It will then as you if you want to factory reset phone. Click yes.

Just did this on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Floor model phone that was given to me from a friend to make it usable.

will update if it's all said and done!"
bert [Entry]

"If your demo tablet originated from BestBuy, the administrative password is ""blue"" without quotes. See, i.e., http://kollins.com/wp-content/uploa...st.... I can confirm that this password worked on a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 running KitKat.

Yesterday at 7:27 PM"
bert [Entry]

"I also had few AT&T note 4 on retail mode but this passcodes was able to disable it and i am using it with t-mobile now. Passcode: 5444 and M729Q16K8546. This codes only work for AT&T.

I have a sprint note 4 but can't still disable the retail mode. Anyone with an idea on how to disable it?"
bert [Entry]

I believe you have to go into the Retail mode app and disable it, the password is unlimited I believe.
bert [Entry]

"There are many passwords out there that are worth a shot.. some stores use their own passwords. (And in some cases the phone allows you to pick from a list of retailers, so pick Walmart and try these 2) Here are some I know of:

Walmart device: rollback, Walton

Bestbuy: blue

Others I’ve read have worked (worth a shot right?!)

- galaxy

- ruletheair

- rethink

- demomode exit

- instoredemo

- unlimited

- remove cod

- nationwider"
bert [Entry]

if t-mobile try magenta