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How to repair the display connector on logic board

How to repair the display connector on logic board


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bert [Entry]

"I've had a similar problem with my 13"" macbook pro. You could get the LVDS cable from ebay at a cheap price. You will have to disassemble the LCD completely and will have to be very careful. You will need a suction cup and hair dryer or heat gun and you could use the following guide.

MacBook Pro 13"" Unibody Mid 2010 LCD Replacement

This might fix your problem, although I am not sure about the state of the connector on the logic board itself. Was any pin left inside? And how were you able to reconnect them? The camera is still working fine since it is connected on the other corner."
bert [Entry]

"Hi All,

I got the same problem. The laptop is working with an external LCD.

My screen laptop is black (I could see screen content with proper lighting). The light in the apple logo is also dead.

First, I thought it is the screen problem. I was thinking to get the screen replacement.

I asked LaptopMD for second opinion. They said the logic board is damaged and advised to continue using an external screen. Do you think this is correct?

bert [Entry]

"One of the websites that offer MacBook repair is powerbookmedic. I think you can find the parts you are looking for and they also have comprehensive guides where you can see how to open and replace parts of your macbook.

Some of things that could go wrong with the screen would be the screen itself, the logic board or the cables. Since you mentioned that it works fine with an external monitor, the logic board must be ok. So that leaves you with the problem either being with the screen or the cables."
bert [Entry]

You might want to check that it's not just the connection where the screen plugs into the motherboard. I once just unplugged the wee connector, and plugged it back in and the screen was going again. P'raps some Contact Cleaner might help... I am about to find out as that same MacBook Pro has come back to me with the same black screen issue as previous.
bert [Entry]

I think the caps lock key is broken on your machine too.