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How to replace all in one cable?

How to replace all in one cable?


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bert [Entry]

It went well 2 and half years ago ;)
bert [Entry]


do you know if it is possible to change the all in one cable on apples led cinema display 24, by an one cable thunderbolt ?

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bert [Entry]

Why you replace the cable? You have this same issue?
bert [Entry]

"Did you ever replace a 24"" Apple led all-in-one cable with the 27"" led all in one cable? Basically going from a 922-8679 to a 922-9941? I found this cable and it looks identical to the 24"" models cable. Here is the cable I want to buy: https://www.ebay.com/itm/121875959109

Just saw on ifixit that you said it was possible but wanted to ask.

bert [Entry]


I just bought a ""Apple Thunderbolt Cable 27"" Cinema Display"" to a friend of mine for almost nothing knowing of course that the cable behind was cut of because the dog eat it.. (that's what he said..) Anyway I thought it would be very easy to change the cable but no way..

I just found a cable on eBay and did order it right away, waiting to be here I was wondering if someone knew the septs to take to do so...

Here is some pictures for you all to know what I'm talking about.

Thanks to you all,


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