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I don't know why but my phone won't charge

I don't know why but my phone won't charge

I don't know what happen to my HTC Desire phone but it just won't charge anymore. Can anyone help me or tell me how to fix it or tell me a store that I could take it to that's a good cheap price.

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bert [Entry]

"Hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time. About 30 secs. Phone will vibrate and turn on.

I thought my HTC wasn't charging as well, but doing the above fixed it."
bert [Entry]


Is the phone works when the battery is charged?

Can the PC see the phone when you connect it?

Do you try with another micro USB cable, charger?

If yes, you can have:

- bad battery

- broken USB, charging connector or charging line on the mother board

- damaged charging i.c.

- broken battery pin connector

bert [Entry]

If your phone spends a lot of time in your pockets, check the connection port on the phone for any lint, hair or debris that might be preventing your charging cable from making solid contact. We recommend using a small toothpick or non-metallic object to clean it out. Compressed air might also be helpful.
bert [Entry]

I had the same issue and none of these worked unfortunately. I had to hold the power button down and the two volume buttons with my hand. Wait for about a minute or two. Then I think release if it doesn’t come on and press the power button, then it comes on. Along these lines, it worked for me.
bert [Entry]

I’ve cleaned the port and reset my phone and it still isn’t charging. My PC can’t see it. Any help?
bert [Entry]

"My phone is charging but it takes hours to do so, it used to take much little time before.

Also, I used to be able to use my phone fine while chargung but not even if it is charging and I use it, battery becomes low. Please help"