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iPod turns on but only shows apple logo...

iPod turns on but only shows apple logo...

well i have the 3.1.1 software on my first gen. iPod touch and one night i restarted the iPod by pressing the on/off button along with the home button and it turned right back on and only showing the apple logo for about 15 to 20 seconds and turns off after that and now it does the same thing every time i try to turn it on...

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bert [Entry]

"This happened to me too...i am 14 and fixed this problem by myself a few months ago.

So first, you plug in the iPod and let it charge for about 10 mins or so...until it like starts to show the Apple logo repeatedly.

Then as its booting, HOLD DOWN the Home button, for approximately 10-20 seconds (sometimes you need to hold down Home and Power for 10 seconds, the the Home button for 10 seconds). Either way, you will get a PLUG INTO ITUNES screen, which is like an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo.

Then plug the iPOd into a computer with iTunes installed.

The computer itself will recognize an iPod (i did this on Windows)

and iTunes will display a msg that says ""iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode blah blah blah."" Continue iTunes' steps to reinstall the latest iOS and reupload/restore data onto the iPod...

As expected this will erase all previous data lol"
bert [Entry]

"this issue ""apple logo on/off"" but nothing else usually is an indicator that that particular iPod doesn't have the necessary boot file to boot up just like a PC during the boot up process. One can go to Itunes site and download it to one's iPod and the problem is fixed.

Sorry I don't have the name of that specific file but that's how this problem was taken care of at my repair shop."
bert [Entry]

"My first Gen iPod does the same thing, it turns on and off until the battery is completely drained. The only way I can keep it on sometimes is if I am letting music play or using an application but once I stop then it starts shutting on and off again. Also I noticed the best way for my to turn it on sometimes is to actually plug it into my MacBook and let it connect to I tunes.

I was really !#^&@@ when this problem first occurred but now I have a second Gen I pod touch and A iPhone 3GS and I don't have any problems. I really think Apple restructured the internal format of the device but if anyone has a suggestion of how to fix the turning on and off problem I would really appreciate it."
bert [Entry]

"first plug in your ipod touch

-then open itunes on your computer or laptop

-in the left side you can see your ipod clik on it

-click restore

-after this wait

-now your ipod is fixed!"