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Is not heating up,

Is not heating up,

I have a GE model GFD570SGF2WW I replaced the heating element but it still is not heating up, do I need to reset the power to the heating element?

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @mmbas ,

Looking at the parts list for the dishwasher, there is no mention of a “thermostat” or temperature sensor.

The installation manual states that the incoming water supply temperature is to be between 120F -140F, with a minimum temperature of 120 deg.F

As you say that this is correct then I can only conclude that perhaps the water temperature is controlled by a heater timing circuit in the control board.

Can you use an Ohmmeter to measure the resistance value of both the old heater and the new heater elements? (to measure the new heater, disconnect the power from the dishwasher and then disconnect the heater wiring and just measure across the heater terminals).

If you don’t have an Ohmmeter, adequate DMMs (digital multimeter) which incorporate an Ohmmeter are available from larger hardware stores for approx. <$15

The resistance reading should be ~15-20 Ohms.

If you don’t get a reading at all, regardless of the resistance range selected on the Ohmmeter, then the heater is faulty, i.e. open circuit

If you measure 0 Ohms across the heater terminals then the heater is faulty, i.e. short circuit, but more importantly, if this is the case, it could have damaged the section of the control board that handles the heating function."