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Kitchenaid-goes through entire wash cycle but doesn't wash.

Kitchenaid-goes through entire wash cycle but doesn't wash.

Kitchenaide dishwasher only about two years old. KDPE334GPS0. Bought it used but like new and It hasn't worked since I installed it. Definitely had a bad water inlet valve and I put a new one on and though that would fix it but it did not. Today I ran an express wash cycle with a camera inside and it fills and drains several times, but the bottom sprayers only moved for a few seconds about ten minutes into the cycle. Then nothing untill about 45 minutes in, then the top sprayer arm only, spins for about ten minutes before my video stopped. It does nothing the rest of the time. This unit has a 3rd rack for cutlery at the top and it appeared to be sending water to just that rack for a minute here and there but nothing else. No error codes of any kind.

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bert [Entry]


Try running the dishwasher diagnostics and check if the dishwasher passes all the tests.

Here’s the tech sheet for the dishwasher that shows how to do the diagnostic tests. It also shows what the causes may be for any problems that show up."