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mobile data not working

mobile data not working

Mobile data not working

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bert [Entry]

"I assume you have probably fixed this by now, But I was having the same problem.

What solved mine easily was Apps > tap Settings > Mobile Networks. It was set on 4G/3G/2G (autoconnect) as default, I switched it to just 3G/2G (autoconnect) and it instantly connected to mobile data. Then I switched it back to 4G and It was now working with a 4G connection.

Hope this helps anyone else searching for and answer when having problems connecting to mobile data.

My Phone - Samsung A5"
bert [Entry]


Check that the following setting has been enabled:

Go to Home Screen, tap Apps > tap Settings scroll to and tap More networks > tap Mobile networks> tap Mobile data tap OK if prompted."
bert [Entry]

"I'm a UK TalkTalk user and could not get data working on my 2017 version of the Samsung Galaxy A5.

The fix for me was to enter the correct settings for the service providers APN.


Talk Talk have a help page for this (and other models) see below which i followed and fixed my problem.


The answer for others experiencing the no mobile data problem would be to check out the APN settings for their mobile and OS version from their mobile service provider."
bert [Entry]

"What network are you on?

Mine wasn't working but after I contacted Sky they emailed me the correct settings , which I input into my device, and now everything is working fine.

Talk to your service provider."
bert [Entry]

I simply removed the sim card, wiped it clean and replaced it. VOILA! Normal service resumed.
bert [Entry]

"This is a very common issue many peoples face it. You need to do setting in Sim cards check from which one Sim card you want to use data. Click sim card and slect data on. Remember if you in roaming then don't forget to on roaming data.

Select also 3g,4g network that you are using. Restart your device and check again... you will enjoy the mobile data surely."