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My remote is not working and I can't connect my Wi-Fi for my phone

My remote is not working and I can't connect my Wi-Fi for my phone

My fire stick remote stopped working and my WIFI is not connected to my firestick so I can't connect my fire stick app on my phone to my fire stick on the TV how can I fix this problem without ordering a new remote?? Please and thank you!

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bert [Entry]

"I just fixed mine with the same problem! I could not get the remote to operate the firestick and unfortunately the Wifi was not connected yet so I could not yet use my phone App.

Turned out my remote was not working.

Here is how to work around it:

I borrowed another remote to get the firestick online.

How to Pair a new remote to a firestick:

So you get to the input/screen on your tv where you can view the firestick.

Make sure to put in fresh new batteries in the new/borrowed remote or you might deive yourself crazy!

1. unplug the power to the fire stick. Wait 10seconds

2. Re-plug the power to the firestick. Watch the firestick boot up on your screen

3. Press select (middle round button) and home button at the same time - I had to hold mine for 45 seconds; I got a message that a new remote was connected!

Then you can get your firestick online with Wifi - then just start using your phone"
bert [Entry]

Sad to say, didn't work for me. The remote is only a couple of months old, but as of today, nothing works, including the supposedly brand-new Amazon batteries, or the ones I replaced them with. The problem is the remote, and also the stick, since its response to the phone app is sluggish and erratic. My Roku stick is a dream, on the other hand. I wanted to move the Fire stick to another TV, but I'm thinking seriously it's time to jump ship and get another Roku stick.
bert [Entry]

There is an app you can use, Fire TV, but you have to have the device and your phone connected to the same Wi-Fi for it to work unfortunately.
bert [Entry]


Thanks. It worked. I had to remove the batteries from the remote and scrapped and cleaned the battery terminals. Replaced with new batteries. Switched off, unplugged the Firestick & again plugged & Switched…..It worked like charm….."
bert [Entry]

I had this same issue. My husband unplugged the Fire Stick both from the wall and from the TV. But if your fire stick isn’t connected to WiFi, I don’t see how it would work at all? After unplugging it, he went to settings > remote control and it recognized the remote and its working fine now. I hope this will help you.
bert [Entry]

I didnt pair a new remote, but instead repaired/ reset the same remote using your instructions. It worked great. Thank you so much.