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New replacement battery for MacBook Pro not recognised

New replacement battery for MacBook Pro not recognised

I replaced my Macbook's battery (after following the guide from iFixit) and the computer did not recognise it.

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bert [Entry]

"I'd reset the System Management Controller (SMC):

this resets all the power setting.

bert [Entry]

"Found this problem and already fixed it! my computer is Macbook pro retina 15"" mid 2012. i bought new one from my local shop and it cannot open without plug magsafe. the battery status say ""not charging"" use power adaptor as source. even magsafe light is orange. also say ""replace now""

Cause of this problem is the new battery have no remain charge and it absolutely 0% . I done many things in this post and other. (reset smc, pram , everything) and it useless.

So i shutdown. replace battery with original one (The one that come with your computer) then Boot it, plug magsafe (power adaptor). and check battery status, it should say ""charging"". Then shutdown , remove magsafe, remove original battery and replace it with new one. Then plug magsafe adaptor without try to press power button. you should plug magsafe first and only! and your computer will automatically boot. Finally, with some luck. the battery status will say ""charging"" maybe it also say ""replace now"". Don't worry, Let it charge like 10 minute and shutdown , Start it again. Your battery should say it have normal condition and everything should work fine.

Thank you for this post and all you guys, hope you all can fix this problem with the way i can too :)

ps. sorry for my bad english."
bert [Entry]

"New batteries need to be charged before use. New batteries are known to fail straight out of the box on occasion (especially cheap Chinese ones) . Contact your vendor about the battery. In the mean time try removing all power (main and battery) for a full 24 hours before reconnecting any power might solve your problem. Start by connecting the battery but not powering up. You do not need to completely button down the top case, but put a few screws in tight enough that the ribbon cable will stay connected. Attach the main and see if you get a red (charging) light. Let the battery completely charge before attempting to boot.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it."
bert [Entry]


I replaced my battery with a ""alternative"" one and every time the battery goes flat the MacBook won't recognize it anymore so it won't charge it. (as describe but everyone here)

But if I connect the MagSafe and press Option+Shift+Control+Power for around 10s it will work! MagSafe light goes green then red and battery starts to charge.

I am not sure about the correct sequence so try:

- Press the buttons and connect the MagSafe.

- Connect the MagSafe and Press the buttons .

- Connect the MagSafe, wait a bit and Press the buttons .

bert [Entry]

"It being Winter time many peoples homes don't have enough moisture in the air to dampen down the static charge you get from walking around a carpeted floor or even your legs and arms rubbing in your clothes. Even in the summer when you have A/C running you can have a static problem.

So during the winter months (or anywhere were its dry) you must control static by using proper ESD practices. Use anti-static mat which is grounded correctly to work on your gear and wearing a anti-static wrist strap that is connected to the mat so everything is fully discharged static-wise.

The other concern here is using the correct tools when working on powered equipment and removing battery packs. You need to use non-conductive pry tools (as an example) when disconnecting the battery power leads and using great caution with your screwdriver when removing screws internally when the battery is connected. If don't you could damage something."
bert [Entry]

"I have the same problem with Macbookpro 10,2 Retina (13inch) Late 2012.

Bought a A1437 battery from an online retailer. I requested a laptop shop (advertised as a laptop expert) to install as I do not have proper tools and the new battery did not come with any. For 4 days, a few technicians were scratching their heads on why my machine completely shutdown everytime the Magsafe plug was disconnected. They tried swapping with a known good battery, clearing SMC, NVRAM. Finally, I was told that my motherboard is the problem and will cost $$$. I decided that it was not worth throwing good money. So I retrieved my laptop from them. They did not billed me.

I am sure the sequence is as follows

<REPEATING only 1 of Alexandre's steps below>

(Assuming that your macbookpro can still be powered up directly from power adapter.

1. Make sure that your macbookpro is shutdown completely.

2. Connect the Magsafe plug to your macbookpro.

3. Press the button and be very patient. Briefly, the Apple logo is displayed.

(I noticed that the battery status did momentarily showed 100% on logon screen )

4. Login to your account. Magsafe started to display Orange when I login.

5. Battery initially showed 34% charge. I installed free battery meter from http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba... and waited longer. 2 hours later, charge showed 100%. 80% is recommended.

6. I unplug the Magsafe plug and my machine worked fine on battery power.

Coconut battery showed my new battery had cycled 4 times. I think the cycle was caused by the technician.

David - Sydney, Australia"