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no notification sound on text messages

no notification sound on text messages

I installed Go SMS Pro and Chomp SMS because I thought it would be cute to have the same emoticons that I was missing from my iPhone 4S.

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bert [Entry]

First, go to Softkey (Menu icon left of Home button) > Settings > More > Application Manger. Select Go SMS (or your default text app). Make sure "show notifications" is checked. This worked for me! I hope it helps.
bert [Entry]

"None of the methods on this page worked for me - all of the suggested changes were already properly set. Turning them off and back on did precisely nothing too. But sometimes turning the settings back and forth won't take unless the confused device is restarted at a crucial part in the process, so here is what I did which finally fixed it for me:

1. Turn the notifications OFF in the app settings: (pull the notification area down > touch the gear icon to open Settings > More > Application Manager > All > Messaging > Show notifications (uncheck it)

2. Restart the phone

3. Send yourself the message and before it arrives, immediately exit the app by repeatedly hitting the ""back"" soft button (you need to do this fast – as soon as you hit Send). You should NOT receive the notification at this point.

4. Restart the phone

5. Send yourself another message and before it arrives, immediately exit the app again. You should still NOT receive the notification at this point, but by now you will have forced the phone to accept your own ""notification off"" setting (I love reverse psychology)

6. Restart the phone

7. Turn the notifications ON in the app settings: (notification area gear icon to open Settings > More > Application Manager > All > Messaging > Show notifications (check it)

8. Restart the phone again (I know, it's a pain in the keester, but it's all in the restarts)

9. Send yourself yet another message. Again, before it arrives, immediately exit the app. At this point I did receive the notification, but if you do not, restart the phone one last time and try texting yourself while doing the whole bailing-faster-than-a-hamster shimmy.

IMPORTANT: The native texting app won't notify you of incoming messages when you have the thread open (even with the notifications on – that's a default behavior as there is no point in notifying you about incoming messages while you're looking at them). That is why you need to exit the thread BEFORE the text arrives by hitting ""back"" (home button might not be enough to do the trick). So if you are still not receiving notifications, make sure it's not a simple case of staring at your own thread while receiving your own texts."
bert [Entry]

Pl check the 'Blocking Mode' timing. settings> My device> Blocking mode> uncheck diable notifications, or change the bolocking mode time to latenight (11.30 pm?)
bert [Entry]

"HANGOUTS settings will override SMS Messaging settings. My daughters new (Verizon) Galaxy S4 Mini would only count one incoming SMS text after a reboot on the Home screen, while 2+ unread text messages were waiting within the SMS app.

Go into Hangouts> Settings and deselect the checkbox that redirects SMS messages to Hangouts. Be sure to go into the SMS>Settings and enable Notifications. This solved the problem for us.

Best of luck:)"
bert [Entry]

Hold volume button, press gear icon on right side of volume slider that appears on screen and 4 different area volumes will appear..more than likely your system volume (the bottom option) is turned down all the way, just adjust
bert [Entry]

"I had same issue on a S4 Mini.

None of the solutions provided was working for me ...

...then I checked in Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> Messages

There it was unticked the ""Show notifications"" checkbox !!!!

I've ticked it and now I receive all SMS notifications (whatever I've configured) !

Hope this works for you also !"