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No sound or mic during calls only.

No sound or mic during calls only.

So I've seen this problem on a few forums. The phone works fine unless you make a call. When you do, the mic and the speakers will not work. They function with any other application in the phone. The suggested fixes are firmware update (some claim this has worked) and the other is a reflow of the chip that handles the incoming calls(?). I know by the teardown which chip handles the sound on the board, but if anyone has encountered and fixed this issue before, could you give a brother a hand on where to aim the heat?

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This is really easy to fix! Download SoundAbout from app store and set 'phone call audio' to 'earpiece'. I experienced the problem after flashing CM12 lollipop rom on my GTI505, everything was fine at first and then suddendly audio during phone calls stopped working. Hope this will help future googlers :).
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"SOLUTION: Samsung Galaxy S4 no audio sound during phone call.

For me it was a bad SIM Card Reader or Module IF. But it could be a bad SIM card so try a new SIM card before doing this repair or at least take it out and in.

My Service Repair Statement said it replaced two things:

Part Number Description

GH59-13279A Unit-SIM SD SOCKET; SGH-I377, 10-0013-0278

GH59-13111A MODULE-IF SUB FPCB(SGH-I337);SGH-I337,10

Called 800-726-7864 told them what the symptoms were and that the support line said it was the SIM Card Reader and they gave me a quote of $70.36 and seemed confident that the phone would be fixed. Sent to Samsung Repair Facility in Texas, total cost $70.36, and was without it for 9 days. It’s been working for 2 weeks now with no problems.

First I took it to an AT&T Service Center and all they really did was try a new SIM Card, next called Samsung Service 888-987-4357 and went thru a series of tests and they said it was a bad SIM card reader and gave me the repair center number.


No audio / sound during a phone call on either side (caller or receiver)

Call connects everything is working, just no sound.

Sound for all other functions and apps works (music, voice recording, video audio).

You can tell it is going to happen when you make a call and you don’t hear any ringing just a click sound then nothing. If you hear ringing then the call will work.

Rebooting usual works for a call or two. Messing with some settings may get it to work for a period of time. But for me none of any of the other suggested fixes worked except rebooting and turning airplane mode on and off but it only fixed it for awhile.

I have used the phone for 1.5 years and never had a single hardware problem, didn’t have it heavily loaded (RAM or Memory). It just started one day out of the blue and drove me crazy."
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Hi guys. Found that my sister in law had this problem. We solved it by turning off power saving mode after she noticed it happened when her battery got low. I hope this can help someone else :)
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"I had the same problem. I tested a wifi phone app and it worked so it wasn't a hardware issue. So then I downloaded another phone dialer app, the 2GIS Dialer (FREE) which then feeds through the phones dialer and it works. Don't ask me why or how.

Jay, Nov 5 2014"