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Power button not working

Power button not working

My power button on my Samsung Galaxy S5 is not working. Is it a firmware issue or do I need to replace the power button flex cable? If so can someone please tell me how the plastic cover comes off. Not sure which way to remove it.

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bert [Entry]

"A german forum user DerGlonntaler used this trick: photo of the backside

He used a piece of post-it paper to stick it on the place where the power button is.

The backcover of the phone produces more pressure with this trick and it should fix the problem.

I tried it myself and it's working so far :)"
bert [Entry]

"Sorry, this will be too late for you, but gonna leave this here in case someone else searches for it.

Fixed this problem tonight. Apparently, tightening up the phone fixes this (the power button unit does not attach to the rest of the phone, it merely comes into contact with the board through proximity). You can tighten the black screws on the motherboard (hard) or press hard on the upper left hand corner when taking the back cover off where the battery and sim are (easy - no real disassembly required).

For a REAL and PERMANENT fix, you can totally disassemble everything and pry the tiny metal prongs in the power button area to a higher angle, ensuring that they connect effortlessly. This is considerably more difficult, but will prevent the problem from returning- FOR GOOD."
bert [Entry]

Yes, this paper method worked for me, BUT wait, there's more. If you simply put a little finger pressure on the back of the phone right behind the power button and hit the power, it will also turn the phone on. Kinda a hassle but works without having to take the back off.
bert [Entry]

"I also pressed on the part where the german dude stuck the paper and now the power button works again.

My phone fell on the ground, when I pressed that part of the phone I could feel something click or snap back in and the power button works again.

It is also possible to start this phone without the power button. Hold the volume down and home button while connecting it to an USB port of a computer ( I needed somebody else for that)

The phone will start in download mode, but if you press volume down once more it reboots and it starts!"
bert [Entry]

"Could restore the phone to eliminate software.

And to get into the phone is not easy, the screen has to come off, the screws are behind the lcd.

Suggest to watch a few videos on this, and I use playing cards when removing the screen for glass replacement. And take your time!

But I would start with the restore first."
bert [Entry]


I have tried directly on the motherboard. but even with connecting those two connection point, the on and off function still not working (tried new flex as well). Is there any way around that? (phone still turns on ok with vol down+home button+computer method)"